Trustee Services Seattle

Trustee Services

Financial Advisor Seattle has over 25 years working with trustee services Seattle clients with a guided hand and prudent advice.

We assist trustees in fulfilling their fiduciary duty to the trust and, ultimately, its beneficiaries. This comprehensive solution provides a complete suite of services to assist the trustee with staying compliant and helping to reduce legal exposure.

Our trustee services include:

Custodial services through National Financial Services LLC, a Fidelity Investment Company

Comprehensive investment services

Annual fiduciary review

Comprehensive reporting

Record keeping

Annual review of trust terms and structure

Electronic filing of all trust documents and correspondences

Transparency with 24-hour account access

Cash management

Cost-basis retention and recovery

Annual tax reporting

There are a few reasons to appoint a professional trustee and using a trustee services Seattle firm. Most regularly, our clients want to alleviate what can be an overpowering governance and administrative obligation on existing trustees or a possible company, allowing company appointed trustees to concentrate on the requirements of the business. This makes a trustee services Seattle firm even more important.

Appointing an independent trustee such as Financial Advisor Seattle can also reduce potential conflicts of interest that could arise, while also providing access to specialist opinion and expertise that can help guarantee the decisions you make today will not have any adverse consequences in the future. This also makes a trustee services Seattle firm even more important.

Meeting your needs

Breadth of experience

We carry a significant portfolio of professional trustee appointments on several occupational pension schemes, from single-member defined contribution schemes all the way to medium-sized defined benefit schemes.

Specialist knowledge

We have in-depth experience across the financial services landscape, meaning that we can help you make expert and informed decisions that are based on professional experience.

A trusted name

Financial Advisor Seattle will act as the professional trustee to a range of trust arrangements, which includes life assurance schemes.

How we can help

Our trustee services Seattle based commitments mean that we make the following promises to all of our clients:

  • Support: Providing appropriate professional knowledge to support trustees’ understanding and awareness.
  • Reporting: Producing monitoring and risk management reports.
  • Management: Streamlining admin and trust management services for professional pension schemes, share incentive plans and employee benefit trusts.
  • Risk: Reducing the risks to the business and existing trustees through knowledge and collaboration.

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