Estate Planning Seattle

Estate Planner Seattle

If you are looking for the most cost-effective way to give your family their inheritance, then estate planning Seattle is the most important service to consider. Proper estate planning will better support the current and more importantly the future financial possibilities for both you and your family, which will allow you to transfer wealth effectively, and will help reduce any unnecessary taxes and expenses. This is what makes estate planning Seattle such an important service for any client.

Financial Advisor Seattle are completely committed to working in partnership with you and your family and help determine your specific long-term personal financial goals and strategically plan accordingly. Additionally, we will help you to structure your personal estate assets and minimize tax liabilities while also maximizing value to your future generations. Our professional estate planning Seattle team will work with any and all additional advisors that you may have, such as attorneys or accountants, while we develop and implement a comprehensive plan of action. If needed, we can also use attorneys and accountants in Seattle we have a partnership with. All plans will be completely coordinated with your current insurance contracts to provide a sound, workable plan. We will also review your plan periodically with you to assess progress in accomplishing the long-term objectives that you’ve set.

Our goal is to ensure that both you and your family will take prudent steps to significantly reduce your tax liabilities during and after inheritance and to help create the most cost-effective means to finance tax liabilities in the future. If this is what you need, then you should use our estate planning Seattle services today.

Charitable Planning Seattle

During a time when financially social responsibility is taking on increasing importance, charitable planning and donations offer a great way for you to help and connect to causes you and your immediate family feel extremely passionate about. It’s a significant part of estate planning Seattle based strategies. If your aim is to plan and develop an important philanthropic legacy for you and your family, or just simply to support people in your community, there are tax-favoured aiding programs that create effective ongoing opportunities that will allow you to transfer any family assets to any private and/or public charities.

The charities can often include any family foundations that are created managed by your family members, within which case the family retains complete control over gifted assets and direct access to the income generated by said assets. Many times, charitable planning can provide a great balance to your estate and life insurance plans, while also taking on significant personal meaning for both you and your family. With our estate planning Seattle services, we offer creative solutions which are aimed to achieve your long term personal or specific familial philanthropic goals while avoiding interrupting your own family’s possible long-term financial health.


A significant component to any and all estate plan is personal gifting, which will allow you to significantly reduce the overall size of your personal taxable estate by now strategically transferring wealth you’ve worked so hard to create over the years for your family members, making estate planning Seattle services so important.

Gifting will enable you to take full advantage of any substantial tax advantages that are available through the lifetime gifts. Constructive and thoughtful use of the gifts through the extensive use of planning tools such as trusts, and life insurance plans will help completely maximize the value you have created for your family. We will help you to determine an effective gifting strategy that will consistent with all your planning objectives.

If these tools are suitable to you, then use our estate planning Seattle based services with Financial Advisors Seattle today!

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